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Will I get the covid-19 vaccine?

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

Psalm 139:14, New King James Version

As of right now, I won’t be accepting any of the Covid-19 vaccines. This doesn’t mean I’m someone to label as an anti-vaxxer. I’m perfectly happy taking my 99.9% odds with the virus and it’s newly declared strain. It’s my decision and I believe it should be a decision that we are individually allowed to make.

In this post, you won’t find any scientific studies; however, you’re more than welcome to look into things and decide for yourself. I’m not a medical professional or health care provider. I’m a regular person and these points are how I feel in my gut and after reading and watching a lot of information.

10 Reasons I don’t want to get current covid-19 vaccines

  1. The vaccines have been made in record months.
  2. The mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine for humans
  3. The testing trials in humans have been so minimal it feels untested in my opinion. I can’t trust the stated trial information from these companies that stand to make insane amounts of money and have no responsibility if people do have adverse side effects.
  4. The vaccine PR campaigns are far too slick for their ‘product.’
  5. I don’t like the risks of adverse side effects of the vaccine. I don’t like the risk involved in the vaccine compared to the risk of the virus.
  6. The moment I look outside of mainstream media, the vaccine is put into question and side effects are actually shown and explained. Ignoring this on mainstream media is unnerving.
  7. From what I’ve heard of ingredients in these vaccines, I don’t want to put them in my body
  8. The attempt and speed for vaccinating everyone is a bit weird to me
  9. I’d first like to look at natural ways to improve my own immune system. Just like how we’re told to improve our diet before taking some medications.
  10. I trust in God and I am created in his image. Taking this vaccine could be irreversibly changing my DNA.

An alternative vaccine?

I would consider a vaccine developed differently and I believe we should all have the right to wait and see if it ever surfaces. I would also consider a vaccine that has gone through years of trials. I know many people will lose their minds because I say these things; however, I know I’m not alone.

There are a number of preventative health measures we can take to help improve our immune systems. These measures are mainly ignored because there is no money involved in such a space. Am I the healthiest? No way. But I see covid as a wake up call to improve my own health. Getting a covid shot does nothing for me in this regard. If anything, I feel my risks of adverse side effects seem higher.

No, I don’t think the covid-19 vaccine is the mark of the beast

Because I mentioned my belief in God, I thought maybe someone will suddenly consider me a conspiracy theorist in thinking the covid-19 vaccine is the ‘mark of the beast.’


Are we currently in some kind of spiritual war? I don’t know. I think people have felt that since the dawn of time.

Being a Christian, I am trying to do my best to follow God’s word in the bible. If covid-19 has done anything, it’s helped me to turn to God for answers more than anything. My saviour is Jesus Christ. My saviour is not the government, not science, not Bill Gates, not the world, or a vaccine. All glory to God.

If there is anything we need a vaccine for, it’s fear. If anything, I wish people to be less fearful these days.

So, as for the covid-19 vaccine, I’ll be holding out as long as possible…if it will even be possible. I am willing to go during the last round for the covid vaccine. I will take it last because I care so much for the greater good.