The LondonOntario Subreddit is toxic

I started checking out Reddit because of covid-19. What a mistake that has been.

If you don’t play into the fear narrative, you’re treated like utter garbage. It’s no wonder that anyone with an opposing viewpoint disappears. The LondonOntario subreddit has become a toxic cult. Maybe it always was totally toxic. I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s too hard to see so many people in the LondonOntario subreddit cheering on economic suicide, lockdowns, bankruptcy, suicides and overdoses, other lockdown deaths and the unknown consequences we’ve yet to experience.

I cannot be a part of such a toxic place any longer.

Trust me, everyone in the sub takes the pandemic and lockdowns very seriously. The problem is these same people say that everyone else is not taking it serious enough and this is why we have to deal with the lockdowns. It reminds me of this survey by YouGov:

This is where people are at these days. In London, Ontario, it feels like these figures would be even higher. At least the Londoner’s in the sub. Trust me, they do no wrong there. They report everyone out shopping even though they went out to shop too. It’s legit madness.

They are the lockdown suffering deniers. All lockdown sceptics have total sympathy for people dying of coronovirus. But the militant wing of the pro lockdown fanatics couldn’t give a shit about the misery and suffering lockdown causes. Even ‘long covid’ is a bigger deal to these fanatics than the massive suffering induced by the lockdowns and masking.

I don’t even want to get into the way people are now considered SICK until proven healthy with a negative PCR test. I just cannot be part of the insanity that continues within the sub.

It’s too damaging to my physical and mental health. Mental illness is even laughed at in the sub when it is brought up due to lockdowns. Perhaps we should do Bell Let’s Talk about covid this year.

And it’s all because of a seasonal virus with a 99%+ survival rate.

Within the LondonOntario Subreddit, I cannot even celebrate when recovery numbers are shared. I’m serious, I got attacked and downvoted for being happy that a certain number of people recovered from their positive test. The people want to be miserable. These people want to stay under perpetual fear. They show up daily for their new covid-19 case numbers and deaths for that dopamine hit.

I refuse to keep playing the game.

They will have to find someone new to downvote and trust me, they will!

Stay away. Stay healthy. Stay sane.

It’s clear: Nothing Spreads Like Fear!