If lockdown ends, will the suffering end?

If lockdown ends. Not when lockdown ends. The way the goalposts are consistently moved, it can feel like the lockdown is never going to end here.

Suffering will continue for a long time now regardless of everything opened. The environment these lockdown reactions created feels like it’s set in place now or maybe we just need another couple of months of lockdown to really secure it. Some, maybe complete, reliance on the government must be huge now.

Thinking opening businesses will solve the mess is just like thinking vaccines are the covid-19 saviour.

Just curious if anyone has taken a drive or walk through much of Downtown London recently? Opening back up sure isn’t going to do much in terms of a quick recovery. I sure hope it can, whenever it is that things may change. What a sad state created in my city. We can come back but not if we just stay locked away.

Until then, we’ll just keep sacrificing our businesses, economy, city, mental health and people with other health conditions, and many many other lives. If there is one thing we’re allowed to do, it’s suffering. Too bad no one created “fall of your chair” modelling for what a lockdown of this magnitude does to people and society. We’re living it and it scares me to see lockdown measures be asked for by people. Is the hive-mind self-sabotaging?

If we like to see charts now, I’d imagine a chart that shows suffering and we’d see it constantly going up, just like cases of SARS CoV2; however, it’s not on the decline now like the seasonal virus has been for a little. Who knows how long it would be to see suffering from the lockdown to bottom out. It’s easier to destroy things than it is to build them. You can build trust for decades and lose it in an instant. It’s been almost a year of this pandemic and some business has been closed since March 2020. Will it be 3x, 5x, or 10x, or nx the time to bounce back.

I’m still confused on how lockdown, never been done before, is for the “common good” as it is destroying the economy and affecting way more people. Never locking down would have been for the “common good.” But this is the time for Doublethink, so it kind of all makes sense.