New Blog for Scott Webb

Why I created a new blog

Welcome to my Webblog. A fresh start. A new home.

Over the years I’ve started many sites on WordPress, Tumblr, and other platforms. Most are gone or I’ve not posted on them in years. They are literally dead and full of such garbage at this point.

Lately, I’ve had a strong desire to write. A desire to write for myself and to get thoughts, opinions, feelings, and discoveries out of my head. I’d normally write in private on a site like, but I leave that for free-writing and getting out a stream of consciousness.

This blog is not for me to gain work or get a specific job.

So why a new blog?

Yes, I have my website at Why not write on that blog?

Well, that website is geared mainly to my architectural photography and some other photography-related things. It’s not a place for me to post other topics that I want to get down. Here will be that place.

A personal blog?

You got it.

The Webblog is a personal blog. My personal thoughts, opinions, feelings and quotes that I want to record. A place to share photos to exist beyond the Instagram ecosystem and those wild terms and conditions. I may eventually delete Instagram in 2021. Who knows.

I originally thought I should start this blog on January 1, 2021, but why wait. I can simply mention it starting on the 1st. Although, most of the time, I’ll probably rarely mention it.

I’d see myself mentioning it if someone were to ask me for my thoughts on something I already wrote about. Or I could write here and then share the link as my response. I’d like a place like this for sharing a greater background on myself and where some beliefs may come from. I especially would like to capture, publicly at that, references to the information I’m learning and the source around a subject, ie Covid-19.

You may not agree with me

Certainly, there will be content here that you may not agree with. I am fine with that. I’m not here to convince you of anything. It’s unfortunate that much of the world has lost my trust and my content will reflect that, I’m sure. If you’re someone that only consumes the mainstream media, things might seem like conspiracy or controversial.

I may just be working things out in a public forum.

I don’t know how much work I’m going to see in 2021 as an architectural photographer in London. Blogging here may help me with something to do during lockdowns. I don’t believe the last lockdown is going to be the one we see at the start of 2021.

Feel free to bookmark and come back any time!