Covid-19 | Life

Dark Energy into Positives

Covid-19 and the response to it have left me feeling a lot of anger and frustration. In my last post, I thought I should completely leave the, what I find toxic, LondonOntario subreddit; however, I’m wondering if I can use my frustration to energize something positive. Granted, Reddit is not my main source of these feelings. The mass hysteria and government response to the coronavirus pandemic are maddening. But, I can’t sit at home trying to share information outside of the majority or mainstream media. Nor can I continue to read people point fingers and blame each other for having to lockdown harder or longer.

Here are some ideas/actions for me to take and use my time & energy better:

  1. Get away from the computer and social media for the majority of the day
  2. Don’t participate in covid-19 posts or threads
  3. Use this dark energy to get out and shoot more photos than any year in my past
  4. Get back on mission and post my favourite photos that show London in a great or a different way
  5. Work on my pineapple project again from time to time
  6. Create more products for Creative Market ie Abstract Painting Photo Bundle
  7. Explore a potential idea for a covid photo project
  8. Email Email Email regarding my architectural photography
  9. Make more abstract architecture art pieces
  10. Write more blog posts

The point is to better use this charged energy for some good. I can’t start thinking I can do too many projects as I still work to land work as an architectural photographer, but I can’t continue to be sucked into the madness. Who knows what will come in the Spring and Summer. I admit to being quite nervous as my photography business has taken a major hit. My mental health has declined a lot this month all while still on all my medication. It’s been scary at times. These feelings need to be used as fuel for good too.

I already feel some positive vibes from disengaging in social media and covid topics. I also got out for a walk today before it got dark. And, here I am doing more work by writing this all out…in public too 😬